FGA finalized the selection process for the executive management of the institution

Bucharest 22nd of April 2016 – Policyholders Guarantee Fund (Fondul de garantare a asiguratilor FGA) finalized the selection process for the three position in the executive management of the institution.

  • The entire process, which was carried out in the period 4th of November 2015 – 7th of April 2016, respected the principles of the Policy for recruitment and promotion within the FGA. The contest was opened for both candidates from within the instituion and from the market.
    Starting 1st of May 2016, the executive management of the Policyholders Guarantee Fund shall be comprised of the following members:
    General Director – Cristian Roșu – Mr. Cristian Roșu currently holds the position of Director of the Resolution Department within the FGA, and has over 15 years of experience, not only in the banking field, where he held management positions, but also in the institution for the supervision of the private pension system, where he occupied the position of General Director of the Private Pension System Supervisory Commission (CSSPP). Mr. Cristian Roșu is licensed in engineering, with an universitary specialization in management and finance.
  • Deputy General Director 1 – Mona Cucu – who shall coordinate the Technical Department of Claims and the Operational Structure for handling bankruptcy cases of an insurer. Mrs. Mona Cucu has over 20 years of experience in the field of insurance. For a period of 8 years, she coordinated the ascertainment, handling and settlement activities relating to claim files, at one of the oldest insurance undertakings in Romania. Moreover, she worked within the Insurance Supervisory Commission and within the Financial Supervisory Authority – sector for supervision and regulation of insurance activity, particularly mandatory insurance. Mrs. Mona Cucu holds a degree in automotive engineering.
  • Deputy General Director 2 – Nicolae Crișan – who shall coordinate the Economics Department and the Legal Department within the FGA. Mr. Nicolae Crișan has over 40 years of experience in the filed of insurance and supervision of insurance field. Mr. Nicolae Crișan is licensed in finance.

About FGA
Policyholders Guarantee Fund was established as a legal person of public law in compliance with Law no. 213/2015 regarding the Policyholders Guarantee Fund.
The Fund is an insurance guarantee scheme and has the purpose of protecting insurance creditors against the consequences of an insurer’s insolvency.

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