Claimant forms

For the application to open claim files and/or the request for payment, the Law no. 213/2015 expressly provides that any person who files a claim against the insurer may address to the Policyholders Guarantee Fund (FGA).

In other words, the law makes no distinction based on the residence/domicile, citizenship or headquarters of the legal persons.

The insurance creditors having domicile/residence or the headquarters on the territories of other EU Member States may address FGA for the opening the file due to the payment of the insurance claims. The application forms are available, in English, on the FGA and the ASF website.

FGA shall communicate, as soon as possible, information regarding the ascertainment centers available both on the Romanian territory, as well as on other EU Member States territories.

The application forms have to be submitted in writing, in Romanian, according to the template and submitted to FGA, by mail, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, by e-mail or by other means providing the transmission and the acknowledgment of receipt.

1. Request for opening the loss file – Annex No. 7;

2. Statement regarding the event – Annex No. 8;

3. Payment Request regarding the granting of the premium refund – Annex No. 9;

4. Payment Request regarding the payment of compensations-benefits – Annex No. 10.

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