FGA can initiate payments to insurance creditors of Certasig S.A. – in winding-up

Bucharest – 18 January 2021 The Policyholders Guarantee Fund (FGA) took note that the Court Decision no. 1679/29.06.2020, issued by VII Civil Court of the Tribunal of Bucharest, on the commencement of the winding-up procedure against Certasig – Insurance and Reinsurance Company – S.A has remained final, following the dismissal of the appeal submitted against it (Decision no. 58/14.01.2021 of Bucharest Court of Appeal).

For the purpose of collecting indemnity/compensation, any person claiming a right of claim against the bankrupt insurer may file a reasoned request with the Fund within 90 days after the decision to initiate winding-up procedure became final, respectively until 15.04.2021, or within 90 days from the date the right of claim has arisen, when it has arisen subsequently, pursuant of art. 14 para (1) of Law no. 213/2015.

Until 15.01.2021, FGA received, from potential insurance creditors of Certasig S.A., 69 payment requests.

In accordance with provisions of Decision no. 209/20.02.2020 (Published in the Official Journal of Romania, Part I, no. 156/26.02.2020), issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority, art. 3 para (3) states that: “Within 30 days from the date the decision to commence the winding-up procedure against the insurer remained final, Certasig S.A. has the obligation to hand over to the Fund the complete records of claim files, as well as the technical and accounting records of the claim files, for the purpose of publishing the list of potential insurance creditors.”

Following the take-over of claim files records, the Fund shall proceed to analyze the payment requests submitted, pursuant to art. 266 para (2) of Law no. 85/2014, due to fulfilment of legal requirements for the Fund to initiate payments to insurance creditors of Certasig S.A – in winding-up, whose claim files are approved for payment by the Special Commission of the Fund.

Insurance creditors of Certasig S.A. are being reminded that, pursuant to art. 266 para (2) of Law no. 85/2014, FGA is entitled to effect payments from its assets only to insurance creditors that submitted payment requests and whose claim files are complete. The payment shall be made within the guarantee threshold of 450.000 lei per insurance creditor.

Potential insurance creditors of Certasig S.A. can submit payment requests (Annex 9-premium returns/ Annex 10-compensation) to the Fund. The forms are available online at https://www.fgaromania.ro/en/claimant-forms/

Considering the context generated by spread of SarS CoV-2 virus in Romania, we recommend insurance creditors to submit documents to the Fund electronically or through postal services. Documents can be submitted electronically at office@fgaromania.ro

The address of the Fund for submission of documents through postal services is: 31 Vasile Lascar, postal code 020492, District 2, Bucharest.

Fondul de Garantare a Asiguraților

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