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The list of potential insurance creditors of Certasig S.A. – in winding-up, has been published

Bucharest – 24th of February 2021 The Policyholders Guarantee Fund (FGA) has published, pursuant of legal obligations, the List of insurance creditors whose claims resulted from the records submitted by insurer/reinsurer Certasig S.A. – in winding-up. The List was published on website of FGA, at The publishing of the List was done prusuant to […]
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FGA, payments in excess of 913 million Lei, until December 31 2020

Bucharest – January 21 2021, Policyholders Guarantee Fund (FGA) has effected, last year, payments in excess of 123.000 thousands lei. With this, the total payments effected by the Fund in the last 5 years amounts to 913.000 thousands lei. Payments were effected for 104.681 payment requests endorsed by the Special Commission of the Fund, for […]
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Asimed SA Insolvency, attributions of the Policyholders Guarantee Fund

The Policyholders Guarantee Fund took notice of the Decision of the Financial Supervisory Authority no. 1493/2020, published in the Official Journal of Romania no. 14/07.01.2021. The Decision provides for the sanctioning with fine and withdrawal of functioning authorization of Asimed S.A. insurance company, as well as ascertainment of insolvency. The Financial Supervisory Authority will submit […]
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Clarification regarding the establishment of material and moral compensation for claim files relating to bodily damages or death, with reference to insurance companies undergoing winding-up procedures

Following the publication in mass-media of a material which challenges the manner of granting compensation in cases of payment requests relating to claim files on bodily damages or death, with reference to insurance companies undergoing winding-up procedures, the FGA makes the following statements: FGA makes use of the “Procedure for the amicable settling of monetary […]
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FGA stopped receiving physical documents at the headquarter

Following the context due to propagation of Coronavirus Covid-19 in Romania, the management of FGA decided that submission of documents to FGA to be done exclusively through electronic means or through postal services. Thus, personal submission of documents at the headquarter of FGA is no longer accepted. Documents can be submitted through electronic means via […]
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Fondul de Garantare a Asiguraților

s-a constituit ca persoană juridică de drept public conform Legii nr. 213/2015 privind Fondul de Garantare a Asiguraților

București, Romania